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July 18-22 is going to be action packed with amazing speakers sharing how to go from isolated, alone, and judged, to supported, understood, and celebrated no matter what your breastfeeding goals are.

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Elysia, mom of twin nurslings:

I have such mixed emotions about night weaning the boys. Since nursing has been such a HUGE part of our lives for two years, I feel a little scared of life after nursing, if that makes any sense. 

Thank you for caring and offering support, it really has helped me and it means a lot. It is so comforting and just awesome that I found you!

Premium bonuses include...

Breastfeeding Past Infancy ebook

Katie Clark

This quick and easy to read eBook has lots of information on breastfeeding past infancy, including information about common myths.

Regular Price: $9

Personalized weaning book action pack

Samantha Radford

It’s so empowering for your child to read a story about himself or herself as a “big kid.”

A personalized weaning book shows your child that they are growing up. Through this sweet book, they’ll realize they can have a fun life (with lots of Mommy cuddles) even without “the nursies.”

Includes The Weaning Action Pack – Learn exactly how to gently wean your child

Regular Price: $19

Milky Mama’s Mini Challenge Bundle

Allie Edwards

Still breastfeeding but not sure how to start shaking off that baby weight in a healthy way (without losing your breastmilk supply)? These ebooks, printables, and challenges will get you started on the right track!

Get nutrition resources including The Slimming and Milk Boosting Recipe eBook, an Ingredient Replacement Guide, Mama snack checklist, and more. 

Plus, you can hop into your custom 21 Day workout plan created by a certified personal trainer to get your muscle tone back and help you shed that baby weight. Plus you get ANOTHER full month “Health and Happiness Challenge” as well.

With simple mindset, nutrition, and exercise challenges every day to improve your overall health in 10-30 minutes most days and in only one month. Let’s do this together mama. You CAN lose the baby weight while keeping a high milk supply.

Regular Price: $57

Become your Best Self Workshop for Breastfeeding Mamas

Megan MacCutcheon

Managing your mindset and feeling empowered in your decisions involves constantly monitoring your self-talk and silencing your inner-critic.

This workshop is valued at $300 and is currently for sale on Megan’s website at $30…but as a Breastfeeding Beyond Babyhood VIP Access pass holder, you get free access.

Take charge of your inner critic and shift your self-talk so you can own your choices and move forward with confidence.

Regular Price: $30

Boobin’ All Day… Boobin’ All Night: A Gentle Approach to Sleep for Breastfeeding Families ebook

Meg Nagle, The Milk Meg

Most babies just want a cuddle and a boob. This book is for those looking for gentle suggestions, an understanding of what is normal in breastfed babies and toddlers, and what to do when everyone says your way of mothering through breastfeeding (especially at night) is not best… when you know in your heart that it is.

Regular Price: $10

Mindful Mama Meditations

Sharon Green, CYT-500

Designed with mothers suffering from Nursing Aversion in mind (but still helpful for all moms of littles), this meditation pack is designed to help you when you feel like you’ve just had enough.

Whether you have 10 minutes to take out all by yourself, or you want to take a few moments with your child for silly giggles, these practices are perfect. Includes 5 video and 1 audio practice.

Regular price: $47

Aware Parenting Consultation 20% Discount

Laura Shaz

Learn tips and techniques based on the Aware Parenting approach for greater cooperation and more ease. Tailored to the needs of you, your family and your child, Laura listens to what is happening in your life and offer suggestions for how to apply healthy communication techniques, therapeutic play, and loving limits (rather than punishment and reward). 

Regular Price: $60/hr

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That's over $1600 in total value...

The value of the VIP pass is crazy – $1600+ worth of content to support your breastfeeding goals.

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Thank you Samantha!!! I am tandem nursing my 2 and 1/2-year-old daughter and my 10 month old son. I experience nursing aversion with my oldest but like you said not with my son.

I didn’t know that it had a name or was actually a thing. But, now I do. I’m so glad you shed light on this. This is a really important point because moms need to know they aren’t alone.


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$97 $67

  • Ongoing access to all 18 presentations ($846 value)
  • Audio recordings to listen to presentations on the go ($342 value)
  • Exclusive access to TWO live hot seats with toddler breastfeeding moms  ($194 value)
  • Premium bonus content from our speakers including guides, recipe books, and more ($200+ value)