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  • If you’re ever going to sleep again

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  • Exclusive access to live “Ask me anything” Mommy Mixer with Samantha (and after breastfeeding 4 kids into toddlerhood, I’ve pretty much seen it all)  ($97 value)
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Premium bonuses include...

Breastfeeding Past 1 Year: Why and How

Samantha Radford PhD

Wondering if you should (or even can?) breastfeed after your baby’s first birthday? Get this quick start guide that includes:

  • Benefits of full term breastfeeding (for baby and you)
  • FAQs about nursing past 1
  • Sample schedules for 1 year olds
  • How to set gentle limits with your breastfeeding child

Regular Price: $27

1 Week to More Milk Meal Plan

Allie Edwards

If you struggle with supply, there are ways to boost your milk naturally!

Learn some of my absolute favorite recipes that will nourish you, increase your milk supply with galactagogues, keep your milk nutritionally dense for your baby. 

Regular Price: $47

Pelvic Fit Workshop

Dr. Hillary DPT

Take back control of your pelvic floor during high intensity exercises!

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of peeing their pants at the gym
  • You have pain in your pelvis, hips, or back during movement
  • You feel a heavy pressure in their pelvis when you jump or run

What you’ll get:

  • 90 minutes of educational material delivered by a Doctor of Physical Therapy ($375 Value)
  • PDF download of exercises to improve your alignment, reduce pain, and give you a better understanding of your own body ($27 Value)

Regular Price: $35

A gentle guide to weaning with Seb

Emily Hardwicke, Author of A Big Change for Seb

This gentle weaning guide is a perfect companion to the picture book A big change for Seb, but also works as a helpful guide to weaning with plenty of strategies, tips and encouragement to support with the weaning process.

Regular Price: $10

Setting the Stage for Weaning and Beyond

Jenna Wolfe

Transition into toddlerhood with ease while you navigate new behaviors, abilities and growing independence without hurting your bond, or losing your sanity. 


  • How to navigate challenging, repetitive behaviors without using “no.”
  • How to develop the right parenting tools *before* you get to the “terrible twos.”
  • How to expand your parenting toolbox to set you up for a lifetime of parenting success.
  • Everything comes in 3 instant access video modules and 2 printable handouts so that you can learn on the go & remind yourself on the go too!

Regular Price: $27

Feelings Tamers for Kids

Samantha Radford

Learn new skills for yourself and your little one, all while getting reminders that you can do this mom thing.

This transformational mini-course includes: 

  • A lesson on teaching your kids emotional self-regulation
  • Mindfulness activities to calm your child’s mind and body
  • Direction to the best resources for mindful kids

Plus you’ll learn a few tips on keeping your own cool in stressful situations.

Regular Price: $37

Breastfeeding 12 Months and Beyond

Andrea Haskins

Learn from Andrea, a lactation counselor and veteran toddler breastfeeding mom:

  • what does breastfeeding past 12 months look like?
  • how do I cut out nursing sessions?
  • when your kid won’t take “no” for an answer!
  • night weaning without losing your sh*t
  • does my toddler need cow’s milk?

PLUS: Get Andrea’s bonus toddler weaning flowchart and the aware parenting resources.

Regular Price: $17

Teta y Pecho: Lactancia Intersecctional Podcast Episodes

Lourdes Santaballa, IDCLC

Lourdes is a mother of two, an activist, and dedicated to grassroots breastfeeding conversation. In her podcast, she discusses human breastfeeding from an intersectional lens. We see breastfeeding as a matter of public health, justice, and social transformation. Listen in as she talks about breasts, race, social class, LGBTQIA+ rights, and how institutions perpetuate discrimination and oppression on marginalized groups.

You’ll receive access to 10 episodes, all in Spanish.

Regular Price: $50

That’s over $1700 in bonuses!

What moms are saying about Samantha and Breastfeeding Beyond Babyhood...

Elysia, mom of twin nurslings:

I have such mixed emotions about night weaning the boys. Since nursing has been such a HUGE part of our lives for two years, I feel a little scared of life after nursing, if that makes any sense. 

Thank you for caring and offering support, it really has helped me and it means a lot. It is so comforting and just awesome that I found you!

That's over $1700 in total value...

With the Mega Nursing Mama Bundle, you get $1700+ worth of content to support your breastfeeding/chestfeeding  goals – whether that’s nursing with confidence, helping your child with their epic meltdowns, or even gently weaning.

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Thank you Samantha!!! I am tandem nursing my 2 and 1/2-year-old daughter and my 10 month old son. I experience nursing aversion with my oldest but like you said not with my son.

I didn’t know that it had a name or was actually a thing. But, now I do. I’m so glad you shed light on this. This is a really important point because moms need to know they aren’t alone.


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$97  $47

  1. Ongoing access to all 19 presentations ($893 value)
  2. Audio recordings to listen to presentations on the go ($361 value)
  3. Exclusive access to live Q&A “How do I wean off a pump with a nursing toddler?” with Melissa Portunato, IBCLC and Samantha ($147 value)
  4. Exclusive access to live “Ask me anything” Mommy Mixer with Samantha (and after breastfeeding 4 kids into toddlerhood, I’ve pretty much seen it all)  ($97 value)
  5. Premium bonus content from our speakers including guides, recipe books, and more ($250+ value)